Gold: 0All

Silver: 0x100x1000

Platinum: 0x100x1000

Tungsten: 0x100x1000

Iron: 0x100x1000

Cobalt: 0x100x1000


Titanium: 0x100x1000

Water: 0x100x1000

Oxygen: 0x100x1000

System: Nobak System

Current Asteroid: 1

Asteroid Level: 50

Asteroid Recon

Owned: 0 Cost: 5000 silver.

Asteroid Reconnaissance gives the user twice as many resources per click.


Market Hacker

Owned: 0 Cost: 15000 silver.

The Market Hacker, allows you to maniupulate the market and multiply your value per sale by one for each upgrade.


Pulse Mining

Owned: 0 Cost: 750 gold.

The pulse miner allows you to mine directly on the asteroid, performing 1 pulse per second.


Shaft Mining

Owned: 0 Cost: 10000 gold.

Shaft mining is a on-asteroid form of mining, performing 10 mines per second and generating a large amount of resources.


Magnetic Mining

Owned: 0 Cost: 125000 gold.

Magnetic mining is the process of using magnets to mine for materials. Allowing 100 mines per second.

James Williams - r/asteroidMiner - Attribution